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Join Us at Our Upcoming Events!


California BrainWaves Nonprofit is Seeking Help for the

San Leandro Cherry Festival

Sat June 1, 2024

Come Visit Our Booth between 10-6!

California BrainWaves' Healing Arts Program will be hosting a booth for people of all ages and abilities to do arts and crafts. We will be doing art activities focused on Breaking Stigma on Brain Health and Spreading Hope & Kindness. 



  1. Volunteers for set up (7am), take down (6pm), assisting art activities (11-6)

  2. Sponsor(s) for at least $1500 for event supplies. Or Venmo a donation @CABrainWaves.

  3. Art/craft supply donations: markers, paint, crayons, blank cards, paper of all kinds, bulk art/craft projects. 

San Leandro's Cherry Festival since 1909 brings together entertainers, foodies, artists, nonprofits, local businesses, schools, community leaders, city organizations, and even boasts a classic car show, parade, cherry pie eating contest, a kids' zone, and much more! 10k people are expected to come!


Please contact the California BrainWaves Founder Kiera Rain at 925-804-1718 via text or call or email


We appreciate your support in Spreading Hope throughout the Community!

Events In Planning

California BrainWaves Resource Fair

We are dedicated to finding solutions to fundamental challenges facing people with brain and developmental disabilities. We will host a fair that entertains and educates through engaging and immersive activities. We will also showcase local nonprofits and businesses and latest inventions that cater to neurodiversity.

InCARDcerated Awareness Campaign

We have a Family Re-Entry Program because we recognize people with brain and developmental disabilities are funneled into the for-profit jails and prisons at an alarming rate. For our Family Re-Entry Program, we are partnering with our Healing Arts Program, and we are designing a deck of cards and distributing them to California inmates. Each playing card will feature unique brain art with a brain fact. Each deck of cards will be sent out with a game booklet for single player games to group games. Inside the booklet, we will provide resources for Mental Health Care.


We will be hosting an Art Auction and Casino Night! We wish to partner with a large, popular venue where we can feature a variety of art work to narrow down to 65 winners to be featured in a 52-card deck plus 2 jokers, card cover art, box cover art, game booklet art throughout. Each submission must include an interesting fact about brains. We can take in-person and virtual submissions. All art mediums and expressions are welcome for submission. 


For extra entertainment, we will have a special STEAM section where artists can build interactive artscapes. We need 3 sponsors to give cash prizes to 3 winners for the interactive models. These 3 sponsors will have booths at the STEAM section.

Past Events for California BrainWaves:

Author, Actor, Comedian Brian Copeland hosted California BrainWaves' Zombie Neurodiversity Game Show on Halloween 2023. Antonio Cardenas, Realtor, hosted. Contestants were quizzed on neuro facts--if they guessed correctly, they won candy! If they struck out, their brains were fed to the zombie!

FREE Monthly Arts and Crafts Swap!

*Bring your excess art/craft/school/office supplies to donate. 

*Drop donations and go, or stay and play.

*Bring nothing and still take as much as you want!

Arts & Crafts Monthly Swap!.PNG

San Leandro Marina Tree Planting

Successful Tree Planting at Monarch Bay Golf Course

On Tuesday, June 20, 2023 50 trees were successfully planted at the parking lot of Monarch Bay Golf Course. The Office of Sustainability partnered with Hands on Bay Area to bring out volunteers from Google and the broader community. Huge thanks to Common Vision for preparing the sites and coordinating logistics;  Hands on Bay Area for coordinating volunteers and supplying equipment; and tree leaders for continuing to support watering trees and training new volunteers.

Fran Robustelli, City Manager

Pictured: California BrainWaves Executive Director Kiera Rain with Robert Bulatao, both San Leandro Residents, plant trees at the marina, where California BrainWaves hopes to build their first neurodiversity campus.

Joy Brigade: May, June, July 2023

Nonprofit Networking


June 14, 2023

Black Bear Diner

Rear Meeting Room

405 Hegenberger Rd

Oakland, CA 94621



Arrive--The Early Bird Gets the Worm! 


Share relevant flyers/business cards/resources on our Resource Table.


Open Networking.


Everyone takes their seat and eats while we present elevator pitches for all attendees.


Open Table Discussion or Break-Out Groups on 1-3 pre-selected questions, time permitting.


Open Networking


PARKING: Free. Parking Lot. Security Guard. General Manager on site. Do not leave items in your vehicle.


4 Team Members at California BrainWaves present at the 20th Annual World Congress of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics!


Our Treasurer, Dr. Deborah Zelinksy, appointed as the new President of the Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics!

The 20th Annual World Congress of SBMT will bring together physicians, scientists, policy makers, funding agencies and industry to further the advances and applications in brain and spinal cord mapping and image guided therapies (operative and non-operative). A trade exhibition within the framework of the SBMT World Congress will be held at the Convention Center, in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, February 16th to Sunday February 19th, 2023.


We encourage you to come and visit the annual conference which will host a world class program across the three days, an exhibition hall, poster displays and plenty of networking events.


The conference aim is to create a critical mass by introducing synergy amongst inter-disciplinary researchers to further understand the brain function and nervous system. It will serve as a platform from which to develop interactions between many of the stakeholders who also have extensive collaborations at national and international levels.


The conference provides the opportunity to be at the forefront of brain sciences, therapeutics in general and neural stem cells interventions in particular. It provides a strong platform for industry and biotech companies to interact with academia in frontiers of science in this field for translational initiatives involving diverse patient's interest groups.


The official language of this convention is English. Topics covered including:


Neurosurgery (e.g. Image Guided Therapy/intervention, brain tumors and intraoperative navigation, nanoneurosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, minimally invasive therapy, vascular neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, neurotrauma/military medicine, surgical simulation...)


Neurology (e.g. Movement Disorders, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neurooncology, Neuromodulation, epilepsy, autism, brain and spinal cord function...)


Psychiatry (e.g. Opioid, Addiction, medical imaging for psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, PTSD...)


Radiology (e.g. fMRI, PET, Nuclear medicine, MR SPEC, MR-PET, DTI, CT-PET, Focused Ultrasound, SQUID MRI, ultrahigh/low MRI)


Neuroscience (e.g. stem cell, molecular neuroscience, image guided mapping of genes, proteomics, genomics, neurophysiology,...)


Neuroengineering (e.g. biomaterial & tissue engineering, human brain Machine Interface, brain and spinal cord devices, nanomedicine, extraterrestrial/space medicine & clinical practice, software engineering, electrical and material engineering, aeronautic engineering/space medicine and Radiation Physics/Oncology as well as robotics)


Nano-Bio-Electronics (e.g. integration of Stem cell/cellular therapy with nanotechnology, medical devices and imaging)


Spinal Cord (e.g. regeneration, stem cell, imaging, implants and biologics and imaging...)


Policy (e.g. healthcare policy issues that affect the treatment delivery, and usage of certain devices/drugs/imaging technologies, FDA regulations and reimbursements, federal and regional regulation impacting healthcare delivery and research funding, Neuroscience-20/G20 Summit Initiative, Brain Technology and Innovation Park...)


The audience includes:

Neuroscientists, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, radiologists, pathologists, Oncologists, Chemists, engineers (material, electrical, biomedical, aeronautics and computer), stem cell and molecular biologists, nanotechnologists, pharmacologists and rehabilitation medicine scientists and physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcomed. The program also covers the great work done by post-doctoral candidates, fellows and world leaders in the field.

20th Annual "Gathering for Cures" Black Tie Awards Gala
for Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Nonprofit

Friday February 17th 2023

6:00PM - 8:00PM Cocktail Event
8:00PM - 11:00PM Black Tie Dinner


InterContinental | Los Angeles Downtown
Los Angeles, CA 90017

California BrainWaves Board Treasurer and Neuroscience Advisory Board Chair, 2023-2024 SBMT President, and Founder of MindEye Institute, Deborah Zelinsky, OD, California BrainWaves Founder Kiera Rain, Family Re-Entry Program Advisor Douglas Major, OD, and Neuroscience Advisor Board Member Dr. Leighton Hinkley, all attended the Black Tie Gala, sponsored by MindEye Institute.

2023 SBMT Awards:


2023 SBMT Award Co-Hostess

Gabriella Wright

2022 Award Co-Hostess

Gabriella is an actress, model and a humanitarian and activist.


2022 and 2023 SBMT Award Host

Recipient of 2022 UNESCO Award

Babak Kateb

Founder of Brain Technology and Innovation Park Initiative (BTIP) Founder and the 1st President, Chairman of CEO of SBMT and President of IBMF, Neuroscientist, serial entrepreneur, neurotech policy advocate, 20 times marathon runner and artist.Babak Kateb


2022 SBMT Award Recipient

Katalin Karikó

Pioneer in Medicine Award


Prof. Dr. Katalin Karikó

Senior Vice President RNA Protein Replacement Therapies (co-inventor of COVID19 mRNA Vaccine)


2022 SBMT Award Recipient

Amin Kassam

Pioneer in Technology Development Award


Amin Kassam

Neurosurgeon and Serial Entrepreneur


2022 SBMT Award Nominee

Dian Feinstein

Pioneer in Healthcare Policy


Dian Feinstein

American politician and serving as the U.S. Senator.


2022 Golden Axon leadership Award

Jason Cormier

19th President of SBMT/Neurosurgeon


2022 Golden Axon leadership Award

Deborah Zelinsky

SBMT Board Member/Optometrist


2022 SBMT Beacon of Courage and Dedication Award

Gabriella Wright

Co-founder of Never Alone Initiative-The Chopra Foundation. Gabriella is an actress, model and a humanitarian and activist.


2022 SBMT Beacon of Courage and Dedication Award

Deepak Chopra

Founding Chairman of the Chopra Foundation and Co-Founder of the Never Alone Initiative. Physician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, advocate, teacher and humanitarian.


2022 SBMT Beacon of Courage and Dedication Award


Serial entrepreneur and CEO of the Chopra Foundation

19th Annual World Summit Congress hosted by Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Foundation

February 2022

3 Days in LA

Hybrid Event

California BrainWaves Board Treasurer and Neuroscience Advisory Board Chair, and Founder of MindEye Institute, Deborah Zelinsky, OD, California BrainWaves Founder Kiera Rain, and Family Re-Entry Program Advisor Douglas Major, OD, presented at the 19th Annual Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics.

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