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California BrainWaves has a Board of Directors, Operations Advisory Board, Neuroscience Advisory Board, Legal Network, and the below Programs/Teams/Committees:

Healing Arts Program

The Healing Arts Program establishes art therapy at our venues, celebrates art expression across our social media platforms, hosts art activities at our events, ensures art supplies are always stocked at our facilities, hosts workshops as fundraisers, arranges art and decor at our locations, and more. 

Design Team

The Design Team focuses on our sustainable architectural design, facility decor, sensory integration designing, landscaping, disaster relief engineering, safety and accessibility engineering, security, and more!

Fundraising Committee

Without funding, our Nonprofit can't move forward in helping to alleviate the problems our disabled community faces, such as stigma, isolation, lack of research and support. Our Fundraising Committee is key in creating a permanent change in society regarding brain and developmental disabilities. Not only do they fundraise, but these volunteers help de-stigmatize brain and developmental disabilities in their marketing efforts. 

LGBTQIAA+ Committee

We PROUDLY support our LGBTQIAA+ community. We have a committee to ensure safety, success, and significant support in our community by way of our programs, events, fundraisers, and support groups.

Celebrity Committee

With the help of Celebrities via endorsements, donations, tagging us on social media, mentioning California BrainWaves in public, doing interviews with us, making guest appearances, performing at our fundraisers or locations or events, we can soar even higher. 

California BrainWaves Youth Program

This program is for children developmentally 17 and under to ensure children are being seen, heard, valued, and properly provided for with early interventions.

Diversity Committee

This committee ensures our franchises are run with a vast amount of diversity. The Diversity Committee works closely with HR to ensure our population of staff, residents, patients, clients, students, volunteers, etc is diversified. This committee also creates support in our community specifically around diversity issues. The Diversity Committee celebrates diversity in events, fundraisers, arts, culture, food, decor, etc. They also help educate our Board of Directors and staff on biases, especially in the medical arena to prevent medical discrimination.

Sex, Drug, Money Trafficking Committee

The Sex, Drug, Money Trafficking Committee exists to prevent tragedies from occurring with diligence, foresight, and specialized training.

Caregiver's Program

Anyone who has ever been a Caregiver knows there simply hasn't been enough support since we split from living a tribal lifestyle as humans. And even then, we still lacked resources and scientific advances. The Caregiver's Program is a tribe within California BrainWaves dedicated to ensuring support to Caregivers.

Engineering Design Team

Our Engineering Design Team will aid people with brain and developmental disabilities in the following areas: medical care, education, transportation, tech, accessibility equipment, toys, clothing, etc. For example, we hope to modify car seats for children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder; we would like to design a brain-disability-friendly amusement park; we hope to improve air transportation safety; we want to design eco sensory-friendly clothing; we wish to bring back nature's healing powers in a concrete jungle. These projects and inventions will fund California BrainWaves. We will also apply to research and engineering grants and share our research and models to advance society.

Neuroscience Advisory Board

Elite, ground-breaking, global scientists and doctors unite to advance neuroscience. We care about improving lives with brain and developmental disabilities through shared research, consulting, medical and scientific advancements. 

Operations Advisory Board

Running a nonprofit is no easy feat, especially starting it from scratch. This Advisory Board focuses on making sure the team is stepping in the right direction, all t's crossed and i's dotted properly.

Legal Network

Our Legal Network will be independent contracts for pay, pro bono and/or sliding scale, each lawyer's choice. We are seeking the following Attorneys: Business, Civil Rights, Criminal, Employment, Family, Immigration, Nonprofit, Real Estate, Wills/Trusts/Estates.

Foster Care, Refugee, and Immigrant Families Program

At 7H20, we will take in foster kids with brain and developmental disabilities. To go one step further, we will also provide for adults and seniors with brain and developmental disabilities who do not have families. Refugees with brain and developmental disabilities are also sheltered and welcomed onsite. This program has a specialized team that welcomes, educates, stabilizes and supports this extremely vulnerable population.

Family Re-Entry Program

Did you know? People with brain and developmental disabilities, including learning disabilities and mental illnesses, are funneled into for-profit jails and prisons at an alarming rate. At 7H20, we will dedicate rehabilitative housing to newly released and formerly incarcerated parents and children with brain and developmental disabilities, who will be reunited with their families on-site. We will provide an onsite rehab program.

Neurotypical Sibling Support Group

We've learned that it is very important for the neurotypical siblings to receive care and support, ages birth to senior. The team organizes and hosts social events, support groups and virtual support for neurotypical siblings.

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