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California BrainWaves, a Nonprofit for Neurodiversity

Our Mission is to increase support for neurodiversity in the way of housing, employment, education, research, medical care, specialized training, legal aid, and community systems.

Our Vision is to develop pivotal live/work/learn/play therapeutic campuses for people with brain and developmental disabilities and their loved ones, preventing traumatizing and expensive family separations. At California BrainWaves, staff, caregivers, and neurotypical siblings are also a priority in receiving support. In addition, we focus on de-stigmatizinneurodiversity.

Our 501(c)3 Federal Tax Identification Number: 88-2578053

7H20, a Live/Work/Learn/Play Therapeutic Campus

for Individuals of All Ages with Brain and Developmental Disabilities

& their Loved Ones! 

Our Social Franchise Model Main Building Descriptions:

Horizons Academy

Our onsite school will be for ages 2-22. Our educational model provides a blend of Montessori, Waldorf, Multimedia, STEAM educational models. We believe in Child-Led Learning through Play. We will teach Social/Emotional Health, Hygiene Care, Life Skills, and Conflict Resolution in a Neurodiverse Learning Community. We will offer Social and Academic Clubs like foreign language, theater, chess, Mine Crafters, and a variety of sports, including Special Olympics.

We believe in Lifelong Learning. So, for our residents who are over 22, we will provide adult and senior classrooms, as well as an onsite business center, where youthful entrepreneurs are welcome. For Under 2, our childcare center and STEAM-themed campus will provide an abundance of mental/emotional/social education.

Water Lily RTP

Our onsite Residential Treatment Program (RTP) will be for all ages

who need 24/7 specialized care. This could be because they are a danger to themselves/others, active manic or psychotic episode, in a comatose state, full paralysis, low IQ, etc.

We will design our campus to ensure a safe haven for our unique housing needs. We are devoted to providing a welcoming, home-like design

on a resort-styled campus. Complete with laundry, pharmacy, kitchen and dining, school, track, obstacle course, playground, pool and hot tubs, gardens, visitor's lounge, security, social workers with very small caseloads, full staff, daily medical and therapeutic care onsite.

Caspian Care

Whether for school/work schedules, emergencies, doctors appts, scheduled surgeries, dates, or much needed respite, we offer onsite 24/7 care for all ages, infant to senior. We will provide comfy beds, diaper changing, bandage changing, medicine management, exercise, socializing, playtime, learning activities, art therapy, and more. Nurse onsite 24/7, and 1:1 aides available as needed.

Caspian Care will be located beside BrainWaves Care Center, which will allow improved care via the following examples:

  • A mom checks in on her 4 year old while her 9 year old is recovering from brain surgery next-door
  • A dad, a nurse next-door, enjoys his hour lunchbreak with his daughter every shift
  • Filipa, a senior, is rushed to the medical center next-door during a seizure

BrainWaves Care Center

BrainWaves Care Center will be an all-in-one medical facility onsite for people with brain and developmental disabilities. We will include a hospital, urgent care, doctors' offices, therapies, a pharmacy, holistic and Western medicine, a spa, a research and diagnostics center, mobile crisis care.

Oasis Apartments

Our apartment complexes will have the following services onsite:

  • water therapy pools and hot tubs, gardens, fitness center
  • social worker's office onsite so each family has a personal case manager
  • concierge service at the front desk
  • onsite 24/7 security who are crisis intervention trained
  • private, gated community
  • grocery and medical supply delivery
  • in-unit washer and dryer, maintenance onsite, optional maid service, an abundance of home safety features, etc.

Caregiver's Cove & Restaurant

Caregiver's Cove will be a retreat for Caregivers to commiserate, learn, grow, heal together. It will be a resource library complete with workshops, guest speakers, events, fundraisers, support groups, parties. Caregiver's Cove will have a restaurant and garden. We plan for Caregiver's Cove to be on the rooftop of Oasis Apartments.


California BrainWaves is a proud member of CALNonprofits!

Our 501(c)3 Federal Tax Identification Number: 88-2578053

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