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Sponsorship Opportunities

1) Venue Sponsorships

Be on ALL of our marketing efforts and have press coverage for co-hosting one or more of our events!

2) Event Sponsorship 

Becoming our Event Sponsor gives you the wonderful opportunity for mass marketing via the following options: event booths, signs, loudspeaker announcements at events, print marketing (flyers, brochures, business cards, newspaper articles, community calendars, etc), social media posts, online event posts, websites, e-newsletter announcements, blogs, word of mouth, etc. Great for Nonprofit Partners, Small Local Businesses, Corporations that support #Neurodiversity.

Choose between Silver, Gold or Platinum Sponsorship per event. 

We tailor packages based on community enrichment and marketing goals. 

Silver Event Sponsor

Gold Event Sponsor

Platinum Event Sponsor

3) Sponsored Commercial on our YouTube TV Show

We are curating two tv shows that we will feature on YouTube. 

California BrainWaves Talk Show:

We will be professional filming at the auditorium at the San Leandro Main Library, with a live audience. Our show California BrainWaves will be hosted by Rebecca Hall Gruyter, interviewing per episode one neurodiversity professional, one caregiver, one neurodiverse person. Audience poll participation and monitored live streaming feed will keep the viewer's attention each episode. 

Think Tank:

Think Shark Tank, but specifically for solving problems facing the neurodiversity community. We will be filming at the San Leandro Main Library's large conference room. People will approach a panel to pitch their idea to gain funding and public backing.


Each show will be 45 minutes, with commercials in between that support #Neurodiversity. 

We will be sharing our episodes on various online and social media platforms and asking our guests and community to share as well. Patrons send in their own professionally produced commercials to be edited into the featured show.

30 Second Commercial Airtime

45 Second Commercial Airtime

60 Second Commercial Airtime

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