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Join Us at One of our Upcoming Events!

Want to Volunteer?

We welcome you into our Neurodiverse Community! We seek people who can help with our events. As a volunteer, you gain free entry, have easy access to lively networking, plus, it boosts your resume! 

If interested, please call or email: 925-804-1718,

Special Needs Talent Show!

California BrainWaves will host a Talent Show featuring people with disabilities. All ages welcome. Open to the public. Top 3 winners win prizes from our sponsors!

California BrainWaves Fair

We are dedicated to finding solutions to fundamental challenges facing people with brain and developmental disabilities. We will host a fair that entertains and educates through engaging and immersive activities. We will also showcase local nonprofits and businesses and latest inventions that cater to neurodiversity.


Visit our Meetup Page 

for Upcoming Events!

Eco Sensory Fashion Show!

We are searching for a venue for an upscale eco-sustainable disability-wear fashion show! We wanna go BIG on this event! We want to spend a long time planning and marketing the fashion show as a featured event. We want to hone in on creating NEW fashion designs around Sensory Processing Disorder and Disability Issues. We want to invite fashion designers and models to show their stuff and see who gets offers from Big Names! We need help connecting to those Big Names. We want a LOT of media attention on this--who do you know?

California BrainWaves Art Contest 

--Playing Cards for the Incarcerated--

We have a Family Re-Entry Program because we recognize people with brain and developmental disabilities are funneled into the for-profit jails and prisons at an alarming rate. For our Family Re-Entry Program, we are partnering with our Healing Arts Program, and we are designing a deck of cards and distributing them to California inmates. Each playing card will feature unique brain art with a brain fact. Each deck of cards will be sent out with a game booklet for single player games to group games. Inside the booklet, we will provide resources for Mental Health Care.

What we are hosting is a Mega Art Contest! We wish to partner with a large, popular venue who can feature an art show for Brains. We need 60 gems of brain art to be featured in a 52-card deck plus 2 jokers, card cover art, box cover art, game booklet art throughout. Each submission must include an interesting fact about brains. We can take in-person and online submissions. All art mediums and expressions are welcome for submission. 

For extra entertainment, we will have a special STEAM section where artists can build interactive artscapes. We need 3 sponsors to give cash prizes to 3 winners for the interactive models. These 3 sponsors will have booths at the STEAM section.

Past Events California BrainWaves Has Hosted:


Nonprofit Networking


June 14, 2022

Black Bear Diner

Rear Meeting Room

405 Hegenberger Rd

Oakland, CA 94621



Arrive--The Early Bird Gets the Worm! 


Share relevant flyers/business cards/resources on our Resource Table.


Open Networking.


Everyone takes their seat and eats while we present elevator pitches for all attendees.


Open Table Discussion or Break-Out Groups on 1-3 pre-selected questions, time permitting.


Open Networking


PARKING: Free. Parking Lot. Security Guard. General Manager on site. Do not leave items in your vehicle.

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